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Kirsty's Journal
20 most recent entries

Date:2006-09-04 21:51
Subject:Back on lj with a 'new' journal
Mood: content

So I thought I'd go back to livejournal.
However I have decided to switch to a 'new' (well really a journal I never really used before now) journal which you can find at http://alkaline-kiwi.livejournal.com/ so if you want to add me you can.

I promise to try to update as much as possible on my new journal too.

I missed using lj plsu my lj friends too.

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Date:2005-06-28 23:19
Subject:Test The Nation
Mood: thirsty

Just did the online test and got 70. Was rather happy with that. David got 78 so he said he's just a bit smarter than I am.

Who else did the test and what score did you get?

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Date:2005-06-27 13:47
Subject:Photos from On And On Tour
Mood: cold

Yeah probably a bit overdue since that show was over a month ago but oh well here are some photos (quite a few) from the On And On tour (Steriogram with 48 May & Goodnight Nurse) show in Greymouth. This is only some of them. I have more that I will upload on request or you can wait til I have my website online.

This show was so much fun!Collapse )

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Date:2005-06-27 12:57
Subject:New Layout
Mood: impressed

Much thanks for Nelly nellynoodle for making me a cool new Stitch layout.

Proper update a coming in about an hour after lunch.


Date:2005-05-06 23:46
Mood: thirsty

Have had a bit going on lately.

Started back at course on Tuesday so that's been good, my desk has been switched around but am still sitting next to Nelly
nellynoodle . Have 2 assignment/project things this term - one on geography (urrgh mapwork) and a term project (dunno what that is yet).

I have two shows to look forward to this month - one with high school etc bands as a sort of warm up for the rockquest (there' also music workshops being held during the day so may attend the business of music one) and also Steriogram, Goodnight Nurse and 48May. The latter is an R18 gig and is held at the Railway Hotel. Would of made more sense for it to be all ages and held at the Regent Theatre but ah well.
Speaking of this month and it being NZ music month I bought a NZ music month tshirt yesterday (Thursday) and yeah it looks pretty cool.

Mothers' Day on Sunday. I got my mum two pairs of slippers (was 2 pairs for $10, mum picked what colours she wanted out) and a 3 pack of body butter stuff & a small box of chocolates (she doesn't know about those, they'll be a surprise). Saw a cool card at the shop next door that I'll get her.

It's also David's 22nd birthday not this Monday but the next. Have already got him some railway souveniers from when we were in Australia but am also getting him a couple of surprises as well.

Have been working on a website to display my concert photos. Am planning to have the rough site launched mid this month. If anyone wants me to link to their sites just comment with the URL. I'm enjoying making it, got David to help me a bit (I'll post his 'advice' in another post) but have been finding it not that hard once I got the hang of it.

Was interesting at youth group tonight, met someone off the Tripwire forums who I had no idea who it was.
He asked me if I was going to the rockquest then he told me about the mini concert next Saturday. I told him about my photo website and asked if he'd read about it on The Shed forum, eh said taht eh posted on the Tripwire forum and when I asked what his forum name was I got a surprise. Certainly wasn't what I expected.

Should be heading off to bed so will end this.

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Date:2005-04-29 21:27
Subject:Aussie trip photos
Mood: hungry

quite a few photos under the cutCollapse )

Will post some more photos eventually. And will do a text post soon.

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Date:2005-04-29 15:41
Subject:Another short I'm back post

Yeah its been so long. Will try my hardest to update more, will give another update with photos and stuff later tonight.

Well I went to Australia and had a great time there. Photos of that trip will be posted next post.

Uh gone blank so will write more later.

What has everyone else been up to lately?


Date:2005-02-05 12:35
Mood: hungry

Its been rather hot here lately but I'm not complaining, apart from the sunburn I got on my back from when I went swimming at Iveagh Bay on Thursday.
Took a lot of photos on the class trip on Thursday, will post some of them up at some point.

Am having a bbq tonight, have invited David and his family so that'll be cool. Am also going out to Nicki's (person who runs youth group etc) in a bit to help with the photo content on the website.

Anyway am getting nagged at by my mum so i will write more later. Need food too


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Date:2005-02-04 23:56
Subject:Happy Birthday

Happy 20th birthday to Nelly nellynoodle



Date:2005-02-01 18:51
Subject:that song lyrics quiz thingy
Mood: amused

'Borrowed' from kiwialicat

Step 1: Get your playlist together, put it on random, and play!
Step 2: Pick your favorite lines, any lines from the first 20 songs that play!
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song the lines come from!
Step 4: Cross out the songs when someone guesses correctly!

1. My bad habits would be gone in a matter of days
2. I remember when I was told a story of crushed velvet, candle wax, and dried up flowers
3. Good goodbye lovely time, Good goodbye tin sunshine
4. I want to sag my pants. I want to pogo dance
5. Subtract the bottom, add fractions on sleepy afternoons
6. But the two of you look awfully pretty, You're fucking beautiful
7. You got the paper cuts to prove it
8. I love it but, I hate that taste
9. Your self-help bookshelf is full now
10. Take a gun, there only there for fun, It must be a movie or song
11. I throw away everything I've written you
12. I’ll be paranoid and hungry by a quarter to ten
13. Regardless of warnings the future doesn't scare me at all
14. He’s pickin up a soufflé
15. If you don’t move And get a job
16. You're my shelter and my hideout In rainy days and storm
17. It's made of candy canes and planes and bright, red choo choo trains
18. It makes me so tired - I feel so uninspired
19. And then I guess I must have snapped Because I grabbed the baseball bat
20. Drinking those moments when...

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Date:2005-01-28 22:33
Subject:Uhh I'm back

I'm still around, I owe a massive post to make up for the couple of months of non posting so that'll be coming soon. Will read friendslist too.

Care to update me with what's been happening with whoever I haven't chatted to in the past few months?


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Date:2004-11-08 22:33
Subject:Belated birthday wishes

Happy belated birthday to Lisa let_it_burn <3 Sorry I forgot what day your birthday was but I was in Oamaru then and rather tired.

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Date:2004-11-08 21:30
Subject:Trip To Oamaru
Mood: exhausted

Wow I know its been forever since I updated this thing. The break from it wasn't really something that happened on purpose but I'll try and start updating more regularly now.

So not much has been up with me lately. I was in Oamaru this weekend, was rather an eventful trip even if I am still exhausted from it. Will give a bit of a run down of it

Arrived in Oamaru about 1:30 pm (I think). Just mucked around my Aunt & Uncle's place then went to where we were staying (this place called Olive Grove Holiday Park) and unpacked our gear. I claimed the twin room but ended up getting booted out of there and having to sleep in the 6 person bunk room.
Went to Subway for dinner.
Then the rest of the family arrived at Aunty Valda's so we were there til about 11:30 then drove back out to the accommodation. I went to bed not long after I got there and slept for about an hour.
Then the rest of my family got the bright idea to start yabbering in my room. And Kevin and Colin were in the room next door drinking beers and the walls were damn thin so we could hear them talking. Needless to say I got fuck all sleep that night.

Turns out this German tourist went into my mum & Kevin's room where they were having a cup of tea (most of my family) and went nuts at them for being so noisy. My Aunty Annette went nuts back at him and told him to fuck off to his own country and Tracey had to hold her back so she didn't chase after him.

Was talking to the owner of Olive Grove that morning who said that we had a bunch of complaints made against us. Well not me coz I wasn't the one making noise just the family in general.
I was so very tired. My eyes were stinging, I was even more clumsy than normal and was also very hungry.
When I got back to Aunty Valda's she told me to go have a nap which I did. Couldn't really sleep much coz my little second cousins were running around and making a lot of noise.
Got up and went into town for a brief look. Most of the stuff was shutting though.
Went back to my aunt's and had a bbq. My cousin James had arrived from ChCh so I had a catch up with him since I hadn't seen him in over a year. Hard to believe he's 26 now.
Then I went ten pin bowling with a bunch of my family. I got the lowest score (am not gonna say what it is). but yeah it was fun.
Went out for dinner and drinks at the Oamaru Workingmens Club. I only stayed for a couple of hours as I was exhausted by that stage.
Looked after my little second cousin Karl for a bit then headed off to bed. Slept ok that night apart from being woken up at 3 am and then 6 am.

Turns out that more complaints were made as the female who also owns the place went nuts at Kevin and the others for waking up her kids. Then the people from the camping ground were glaring so we quickly left.
Went back to my aunt's then left around noon. Then made the long drive home.

Yeah isn't very interesting but am very tired and will be heading off to bed soon. I'll update more tomorrow.

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Date:2004-10-31 22:37
Mood: sick

And I'm fucking sick again. Oh well will get supplies of cold & flu drugs, blackcurrent syrup, lemonade, tissues and soup tomorrow. Might ask Kevin if he can make me some Tom Yum soup tomorrow night as that would definately help with my cold.

Will go and have a shower then bed soon. Think it will do me good.

I'll update about The World Administration Tour and post links to photos tomorrow.

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Date:2004-10-27 23:21
Subject:"You're not taking photos are you? You skanky ho"
Mood: hyper

Happy day, happy day!

I had a really good day today.

Thing is, though I haven't told that many people but I've been feeling a little on the angsty and insecure side the past few days. All that changed today thankfully.

Course was fairly so-so. I did quite a bit of work, no problems.

Hung out with David before course, during lunch and after course. Then he decided he was going to go to the polytech pissup tonight and yeah he said that I could come too.

So yeah turned up there a little after 7. I was so nervous coz I thought they'd be like IDing people at the door. They didn't. I went up to get my hand stamped (coz it was a polytech only thing) and they were like "Drinking?" and I said "Uhh nah" (coz I figured that way I wouldn't have to show ID) so yeah according to my hand I was a sober driver. Was this X stamp (I think its the same kind of X taht they use for the Export Gold label).
So yeah I downed about 4-5 classes of coke, but hey it was free.

Was rather boring at first. then yeah we all started talking and stuff. This chick in David's class that I met there was really nice. She seemed shocked I'd been with David so long. Maybe she wonders how I can tolerate him.

Didn't get a chance to relive the making out on the floodwall experience, always next time though hehe ;P

Oh during lunchtime I took a bunch of photos and a 30 second video clip of David. The quote in the title is from the clip. haha smartass.

Hmm what else.. well James has got me my media pass for The World Administration Tour show so will pick that up tomorrow along with my ticket. Will be fun, fun, fun. Am also borrowing his 256mb memory card for the concert. So might make some short video clips on my 2 cards then use the big card for high quality photos.

Umm does anyone else want a Christmas card? Am gonna send the overseas ones on Friday so yeah will need addresses by then.


Date:2004-10-23 19:03
Mood: crappy

I really haven't felt right today.

Especially in the last 30 minutes. I broke a plate and then got annoyed coz I'll have to share a room with mum & Kevin when we go to Omaru and stay in a motel. But really I need my privacy. Truth of the matter is I don't even really want to go but I haven't seen my Aunty Valda and Uncle Pokey since January.

And now I'm just crying in my room. I want to ring up David and just tell him how I feel but I know he wouldn't really understand, hell I can't even explain why I feel this way.

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Date:2004-10-21 10:55
Mood: hungry

Its been forever since I did a proper update, my bad. I will do one at some point soon.

Thought I'd share this totally fucked up website I found today.
This has gotta be a joke



Date:2004-10-12 17:21
Subject:How Railfan things and Concerts are similar
Mood: hungry

Amusing msn chat between me and David discussing the similarities of railfan stuff and concerts. Is a real eye opener heh. I was telling David how I was gonna be doing photography for The World Administration Tour show that my friend James is organising and it stemmed from there.

The most amusing convos come from boredomCollapse )

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Date:2004-10-11 22:41
Subject:Before I forget...

Happy Birthday to takemura

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Date:2004-10-11 22:08
Subject:Photos (Matchboy in hoodie, plastic animal orgies and Trina & Luke)
Mood: thirsty

Yeah I know a proper update is a week overdue but yeah will get to that in the next couple of days.

On Thursday David tried on my Alkaline Trio hoodie. Now this is a big thing for David as he never wears hoodies (he also doesn't like Alkaline Trio but I think if he heard more of their songs he'd like them lol). It fitted him fine length wise but was too tight on him.

Matchboy = hotness. Matchboy + hoodie + skate jeans = sounlikedavidbutsofuckingsexy hotnessCollapse )

Now at course we are a weird, sick bunch (take Nelly debauched_nymph for example. haha In a good way of course dude ;) ). And Dave (not sure what his title is) put the plastic animals we bought for a game in an orgy position. So me finding it very amusing decided to take photos of it since I had my digital camera with me that day.

Yeah I'd be worried tooCollapse )

Now last but not least is a sweet photo I took of my friend Trina and her boyfriend Luke.

Feel the love. and the collapsed beach chairCollapse )

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